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In order to distract and deflect the malevolent influences of the Evil Eye, tassels are frequently attached to a large variety of objects. The unpredictable movement that tassels produce, attracts the attention of the Evil Eye and diverts its attention away from the wearer. Tassels may be attached to a large variety of objects as well as to people and animals. Often, for a non-moving object a short tassel will be used, whereas for a moving object a longer tassel will be used to enhance or accentuate movement.

Tassels can be simple or elaborate works of art. In the Asian region, tassels are often more elaborately made than in Africa, where leather tassels often dominate. Afghan tassels, for example, are often decorated with silver, glass beads, beadwork or shell. Sometimes tassels replace a woman’s hair in regions where the veil is used (check our page on hairpieces). For instance the rich silk tassels used in Jordan. For more information see also for beaded tassels.



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