Hair ornaments


Several different hair ornaments are worn in the WANA region. Some of them tied in the hair itself, others attached to a separate band or head cloth. Often these items serve a decorative purpose, but they also function as amulets or talismans. 


One of the most famous hair ornaments is the tanfouk or talhakimt worn by villagers and nomads in the West-African region. This is the bluish triangle presented here. They can be made of several different materials, such has glass, plastics (Bakelite), stone and metals. 


The top and middle left image shows the silver or other metals temple ornaments worn mainly in villages in West-Africa. These ornaments are made of open worked metal and are most of the times stuffed with perfumed materials such as cloth, wool or cotton. At the tip, the ornaments were often decorated with enamel.  


In the bottom image a false amber hair bead from Mali can be seen. The ornament was put in the hairstyle at the end of a braids. The same holds true for the silver metal bead, named aghrab locally. In the picture you see a Beja nomad from East-Africa wearing an elaborately braided hairstyle, decorated with beads and shells.