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A personal note


This website is kept up to date by Jolanda Bos. 
I am an archaeologist, dress anthropologist and writer (click here for my LinkedIn reference or my personal resume website). I studied Egyptian archaeology at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Over the last thirty years I have worked on several excavations in Egypt (at present at Tell el-Amarna) and the Netherlands, on sites ranging from the Neolithic period to the Late Middle Ages, as well as on museum exhibits both in the Netherlands and in Egypt. At present I study ancient Egyptian hairstyles from Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, as part of my Ph.D research. My other archaeological focus is beadwork analysis ( and heritage management.
Over the years my career has shifted from mainly archaeology to a combination with more recent cultural heritage and its social implications. As dress anthropologist, I study contemporary costume and personal adornment (the combination of dress, body augmentation and scent, veils, jewelry and amulets). My work with the Ababda nomads living in the Egyptian Eastern Desert has been the main accelerator for this.
During 5 years in the 1990′s, when I lived in the desert several months a year, I started collecting and describing female dress and costume in contemporary Egypt. I have since then studied dress and personal adornment from the  Asian and North African region. I have published several books and numerous articles on the subject, given lectures, and consulted for several museum exhibitions (see page Activities). I am a senior heritage consultant and partner at BLKVLD Publishers.
Wearable Heritage is also running an Instagram account and a Facebook page. And Wearable Heritage can be found on Pinterest with a large variety of beautiful wearable heritage images from other websites and links. Also, a board with reference images on hairstyles can be seen here
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