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Veils from Palestine


Palestine veils or burqa's from Israel and Jordan show a cultural similarity with Bedouin veils from the Sinai region of Egypt. This style of veils shows the same decorative patterns, with broad headbands, similar division in face panels, embroidery, coin and beaded decoration.

The Bedouin of the Palestinian area and those of the Sinai of course generally belong to the same people, divided into different tribes. Therefore, the veils from these regions are comparable as well. The Museum of Traditional Costume in Amman, Jordan (image on the left) has an impressive collection of both jewelry, costume-related items and veils. Also in Egypt, in the Sinai, the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum‎ has an interesting collection of these veils.



In Palestine, amongst the settled populations, a large variety of headdresses are worn as well (see images below). The decoration on these headdresses is in a way similar in style to that of the burqa's. The embroidery shows similarities, the coins and tassels are similar as well. Every village, region or town shows different styles of decoration and costume traditions.  

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