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Silver amulets


Used as elements in necklaces, other forms of jewelry or as costume ornaments, silver amulets are often part of the attire of both women and men. Silver amulets are made in many different shapes and often represent a personal choice and symbolism. Amulets are also frequently made especially for the person who wears them. Although a spread of styles and shapes can mark geographic regions, the shapes are often influenced by personal choices as well.

One of the most frequently seen silver amulets in Egypt and surrounding areas is the ones used in the zār rituals of East Africa. The amulets used in this ritual often show spells or Koran verses or a depiction of the djin or demon that is being addressed in the ritual. Also, special amulets for birth (top image on the left) or young children are produced, shaped differently for boys or girls. Another important category of silver amulets is a containers with spells, verses of Holy texts or other protective materials. Very similar shaped containers have been worn over the last 3 millennia in the region. To this category of containers also the Arousa el Burqa belongs. For more information see the page on the Arousa el Burqa.

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