Apart from several publications on wearable heritage and presentations (to be seen here), I have been working as guest curator for several museums in the Netherlands and in Egypt. A selection is presented below. If you are interested in our other activities, please contact me through the contact page

In 2017 part of the Wearable Heritage collection has been on display in the museum Markiezenhof Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands

In the past years we have been guest curating for serveral exhibitions in the Netherlands where (part of) our contemporary heriatge objects were presented to visitors. 
From 1996 untill 2006 I have, on and off, been working on the preservation, description and conservation of Ababda culture. This resulted in 2006 in the permanent presentation of the Ababda museum in Wadi Gamal, Egypt.
In 2003 the exhibition 'Nomaden tussen Nijl en Rode Zee' was set up in the Wereldmuseum at Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I assisted in the set up and the film that was produced for the exhibit. For the 'Toetanchamon' and 'Kleren van de farao' exbibits in 1998 and 1999 I have made several beadwork reconstructions.    

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