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Magic of Jewelry


Because many (silver) jewellert items are worn as adornment, as economic or financial investment, but also as amulet, jewellery items are often magical. They can contain Quranic verses, unidentifiable scribbles that have magic meaning, herbs or other objects to which magical powers have been attributed. You can imagine these objects to be highly personal, made for the wearer and protecting the wearer or attracting beneficial qualities.

When you buy or collect a piece of jewelry once owned by another person, the magic of this piece of jewelry may still be felt. For this reason the powers of amuletic jewelry is often debunked when a piece is sold by its original owner. An example is given in the image to the left. Here a ring from Oman is pierced by a knife on the inside of the ring in order to puncture the amuletic tower of the ring.

Ababda bracelet 1.png
khul khal 2.png
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